About Us 1

At ABT ALLIANCE, we have over 30 years experience in competitive bass angling. We are not a large corporate organization but common, working class people, much like the majority of competitive anglers. However, we are a legitimate LLC organization in New York State.

With the time constraints of raising kids and the activities that go along with them, you learn the value of time. This is one of the inspirations for a “time friendly” bass fishing format. Working with kids through the years in a competitive atmosphere and seeing life lessons that can be learned has been an inspiration as well. We are passionate about wanting youth anglers to compete and be successful in our bass organization.

Through communication with friends and fellow anglers, it was apparent that this different style of competitive bass fishing was very appealing. However, how can we integrate this format into amateur competition? After three years in the development stage, we feel we have created the most exciting opportunity available to the amateur bass angler.

We hope you will join us in writing the next chapter in amateur bass tournaments!