What does accumulative bass tournament mean?

         Accumulative means the total of multiple things combined. Our format is based on the total “accumulative” weight of fish. Accumulative also refers to total amount of success an angler has during our events. This will be used to determine an anglers standings for championship tournament qualification  as well as angler of the year status.

On tv this this type of tournament has a marshall who does not fish, why can’t you do that?

There is no way you could find enough people willing to do that and if so you would have to pay them, so at the amateur level this just isn’t possible. Tentatively though, plans are in place to have non fishing marshalls at championship events as well as electronically linked results and updates for each boat. Media coverage is being sought for the large events as well.

You say expensive equipment is not needed and large lakes and venues arent either. Why is that?

In traditional bass tournaments anglers must keep their fish alive all day, which requires an operating livewell. This is not needed for our competitions. Many other expensive items are used in traditional competitions that we feel aren’t near as important to be successful in our format. As long as you are fishing from an insured boat that meets all legal and safety requirements, you can compete.

Same applies with the size of the event locations. Club directors will schedule event  locations at their discretion as long as they can accommodate anticipated participants. This could be a small lake at a campground, a public launch on a river, etc. As long as permission is obtained (if needed), all legal and safety regulations are followed, events may be held at that location. Every event that is fished,regardless of size or location is credited towards an anglers standings.

How do I join a club?

Although there are “club directors”, there are not clubs organized in the typical fashion as most. Club directors will have anglers “attached” to them based on their location and relationships with fellow anglers. There are not clubhouses, club dues, officers, etc. Club directors will hold their events within the ABT ALLIANCE organization at their place and time.

ABT ALLIANCE members may fish at any ABT event regardless of location,

When will events be held?

Events will be held on weeknights and weekends. Weeknight events will have a $30 per angler entry fee and weekend events will have a $60 per angler entry fee. Club directors will schedule their events and will be posted on the ABT ALLIANCE website with date, times, location, and contact info.

I don’t have a boat. How am I able to fish these events?

Amateur bass anglers usually fish a ”partner” format. The ABT ALLIANCE format relies on a partnership but not in a “team” context. Regardless of who the boat owner is, each angler fishes from the front of the boat during their time slot, no exceptions. Boat owners must operate the combustible engine, but during their “marshall” time slot, they will compete from the back of the boat the same as all anglers. ”Boat ownership” may not be used to hinder other competitors in any way. Boat owners may link together and change boats during timeout period.

What are the youth opportunities you will be offering?

Tentative plans are in place to have a “youth championship” event based on participation of our young anglers. We will be awarding a youth angler of the year award as well. Parent/child partnerships are encouraged but youth anglers can partner with anyone with parental consent. Youth anglers will receive yearly membership for $10. They will compete in the same manner as all anglers in the field. Anglers will be considered youth if they are 17 years of age or less on December 31 of competition year.

How do you keep everyone honest?

Sadly, there is a small percentage of people who feel it is ok to “get an edge” when competing. At ABT ALLIANCE we feel that when you get an edge, you are cheating and when you are cheating you are stealing. With everyone competing against each other in our format, anglers compete in a “police each other” atmosphere. An intricate set of rules is in place in regards to documentation of fish catches and certain incentives to deter dishonesty.

We encourage photos,video and observation of each other so anglers should feel that eyes are on them. That being said, anyone caught cheating will be dealt with accordingly. 

Why don’t you just fish like the traditional format of bass tournaments?

Great question! We are all competing because we love to fish, and hope we have a positive impact on our sport for all anglers, regardless of their affiliation. In fact we encourage contact from other organizations. Tournament fishing at the professional level has been competing with a similar format to ours for a number of years, popularity has grown and it appears this is the direction the sport is heading in.

There is less time and money invested for the same or better results. Pre fishing is not as important, less wear and tear on equipment, no fish care, no fish kill, and no big set up and tear down for events. There is opportunity for great success at all levels of ability and qualifying for championship events is much easier. Club directors and ABT ALLIANCE members are given the ability to choose their own path to success,  while all members statewide are competing towards the lucrative and prestigious championship events, and” angler of the year status.”